1000 Schools Challenge

The 1000 schools challenge is an initiative that aims to support school in taking action to make refugees welcome to Canada. Some school communities have come together to sponsor refugee families, and the challenge extends to any activities or innovative ways of helping students learn about refugee issues and their place in the world.

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Action Campaign

Does your school or youth group wants to run an action campaign to raise awareness or shift policy to make refugees’ transition better?

  • Is there a refugee issue that your student group thinks people should know more about, for example travel funding for all refugees coming to Canada?
  • Are there programs or policies you think should be in place, for example the HOST program to match refugees with community support?
  • Are there some myths that you want to see busted?
  • Do you want to draw attention to a group of refugees or displaced people whose needs aren’t on the public radar?

The Canadian Council on Refugees has one well-informed list of current refugee issues.

School-wide Learning

Schools have a key role to play in helping educate today’s children in global citizenship. There are rich learning opportunities related to refugee issues.

Could your school find a week where every student did some learning about refugee issues at the same time? Can you find a way to share what your students have learned?

Teaching Resources

Build a Welcoming School

Share with us how your school created a safe and welcoming space for newcomer students. From great English language support and academic catch-up or timely referrals, to making sure students have friends to eat lunch with … how did your school build a community of welcome?

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Support Settlement Agencies

There are strong local community organizations to help newcomers settle in Canada. Partner with one of them. 

Your school could establish a group to provide hands-on settlement support to a family of Government Assisted Refugees – from finding housing to negotiating schools and health care. 

For example, students at London, Ontario’s First Avenue Public School created a micro-business selling jewellery they made – with all profits going to support local refugee settlement. Fifth Street Public School in Toronto’s inner city held a clothing drive.