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Toronto school boards taking steps to welcome all refugee children

Close to 100 Syrian child refugees, temporarily living at a Toronto hotel, waved goodbye to their parents Monday morning, climbed onto four buses and attended school for the first time in years.

They will spend a couple of hours each day attending schools in the northwest corner of the city as part of a joint initiative between the Toronto Catholic District School Board and the Toronto District School Board.

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Sunalta School to sponsor Syrian refugee family

Sunalta School in Calgary kicks off its campaign to sponsor a refugee family in a novel way. Marg Seeger talks about how students were handed red balloons for the kickoff of a campaign to sponsor a Syrian refugee family.

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Education in Emergencies

Schools Welcome Refugees and the 1000 School Challenge are featured in the Education in Emergencies Working Group Canada blog. To have a look, follow this link here.

The Canadian Education in Emergencies Working Group (EiEWG) is an informal group of education stakeholders concerned with raising the profile of education as an integral part of the first phase response to emergency and protracted situations.