more than

14 million refugees

worldwide have left their homes because of war, conflict and persecution

Find out how you can help

Students are fundraising

to sponsor refugee families

Your school can sponsor a family

Join the 1000 Schools Challenge

Teach a child to change the world by showing them how it’s done. Your school community has everything it takes to sponsor a refugee family – and we’ll help you along the way. Together, we’ll give a thousand families a new start in Canada.

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Resources for educators & parents

A critical part of this welcome is the work educators do in their classrooms, helping students understand refugee issues and their own roles and responsibilities.

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Plan for settlement

Preparing for the arrival of your family, how to connect with services to help them get settled.

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    Find other parents who are interested

    It takes a village. Your school community could be one of them.

    Partner and fundraise

    Work with a government-recognized Sponsorship Agreement Holder. Find allies. Launch your fundraising campaign.

    Prepare to welcome your sponsored family

    From making a settlement plan, to helping furnish an apartment and find links to your community. Get involved hands on.

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