Media coverage in Russia

People are reading about us in Russia! Marcus Gee’s column on Dewson kids solving the refugee crisis has been translated and published in Please take a look here.

Dewson reaches fundraising target

The Dewson St Jr Public School community did it – they raised over $30k in less than 30 days. Congratulations to everyone involved. For more information about Dewson’s campaign and progress, visit their website here. To get more schools involved in the 1000 Schools Challenge, please feel free to share this flyer here.

Dewson School Welcomes Refugees

The Dewson School community launches their campaign to sponsor a refugee family. The school has about 400 families and 30 staff.  Within 36 hours, 298 families responded to a survey about refugee sponsorship.  83% of families said they wanted our school to sponsor a refugee.  Almost all of them said they would like to make a financial contribution, and almost a third were interested in becoming involved in the process, from fundraising, to work on the application process, to providing concrete support in the settlement process from finding housing, training and work opportunities to helping the family get settled.